FIFA and Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SCDL)
8 World Cup Stadiums
Design Review + Operational Drawings + Call-Off Consultancy

Arena was appointed by FIFA to provide the Design Reviews and Operational Drawings for all 8 stadiums that will host the tournament.

The scope included checking and verifying compliance of all FIFA requirements and the proposition of operational adjustments according to the event needs, including Operational Drawings for all 8 stadiums

Arena has also been appointed by SCDL in April 2018 as a call-off consultant to provide specialized resources to support the Host Country Operations and Event Planning teams.

Additionally, Arena is also providing experts to support the Marketing Department in the areas of Hospitality, Ticketing, Branding, Dressing, among others.

Up to May 2020, Arena received more than 70 requests for specialized resources having mobilized 55 professionals to support SCDL.

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