São Paulo State
Indoor Arena + Mixed Use Complex
São Paulo, Brazil
feasibility + design + business Planning

A world-class Entertainment District for a vibrant city!

Arena partnered with other 5 companies (Re\Venue, BF Capital, Moyses & Pires, JLL and Urban Systems) to participate of the tender promoted by the State of São Paulo to select the best project for a new Indoor Venue at Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo.

Our project presented the concept of the first entertainment district in Latin America, a trend already established in some of the major cities in the world, with a perfect fir for São Paulo.

The new complex consists of a vibrant area surrounded by an open park and anchored by a 20.000 capacity state of the art multipurpose indoor venue, with an expected footfall of 8 million people annually.

The venue is planned to host from music concerts, to sporting events, corporate conventions, fairs and exhibitions as well as social events. Connected and totally integrated to the venue, another building hosts a sports club, featuring a variety of uses including a swimming complex, multisport courts, a 6.000 sqm fitness & wellness center, over 2000 sqm for kids attractions and an amazing rooftop with a panoramic restaurant.

The complex also features an indoor market with independent maker-retailers, cafés and restaurants and an open mall with over 15.000 sqm of retail spaces. The project predicts also a second phase development featuring a hotel with about 124 rooms and a corporate tower with12.000 sqm of office space.

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